The SIAMPI consortium consisted of  the following partners: 

1. The Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW) promotes the quality of scientific and scholarly work and strives to ensure that Dutch scholars and scientists make the best possible contribution to the cultural, social, and economic development of Dutch society. KNAW is the coordinator of the SIAMPI project.

2. The Rathenau Institute is an independent organisation that focuses on the influence of science and technology on our daily lives and that maps its dynamics through independent research and debate. The Rathenau Institute is a KNAW research institute.

3. INGENIO was created in 1999 as a joint Institute of the Spanish Council for Scientific Research [CSIC] and the Polytechnic University of Valencia [UPV]. It carries out high-quality basic and applied research in the field of innovation studies and focuses on knowledge transfer studies, science policy and innovation studies.

4. The Social Sciences and Humanities Research Institutes (Les Maisons de Sciences de l’Homme (MSH)) bring together research as well as researchers in Social and Human Sciences. The network, which now includes 21 institutes, was mainly set up between 1990 and 2000 with the strong support and encouragement of the Research Ministry (Ministère de la Recherche).

5. The Manchester Institute of Innovation Research, part of University of Manchester, is a centre of study into questions surrounding science and technology policy and strategy. This area of research is one that is evermore important given the shift toward a 'knowledge-intensive' society in which scientific and technological knowledge play central roles.






Last Modified: 23-07-2012